Phonics Spelling with Phoneme to Grapheme Mapping

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Practice Levels

Phoneme to Grapheme Mapping

Phoneme Graphemes
/b/ b, bb
/d/ d, dd, ed
/f/ f, ff, ph
/g/ g, gg, gh
/h/ h, wh
/j/ j, ge, g, dge
/k/ k, c, ch, cc, q, ck, x
/l/ l, ll
/m/ m, mm, mb
/n/ n, nn, kn, gn
/p/ p, pp
/r/ r, rr, wr
/s/ s, ss, c, sc
/t/ t, tt, ed
/v/ v, f, ve
/w/ w, wh, u
/y/ y, i
/z/ z, zz, s, ss, se
Other Consonants
Phoneme Graphemes
/zh/ s, si, g
/ch/ ch, tch
/sh/ sh, s, ss, ti, ch
/ng/ n, ng
Short Vowels
Phoneme Graphemes
/a/ a
/e/ e
/i/ i, y
/o/ o, aw, a, au, augh, ough
/u/ u, o
Long Vowels
Phoneme Graphemes
/ā/ a, ai, ay, a_e, eigh
/ē/ e, ee, ea, ey, i, y
/ī/ i, y, igh, ie, i_e, eigh
/ō/ o, oa, o_e, oe, ow, ough
/ū/ u, o, oo, ew, ue, u_e, ough
R Controlled Vowels
Phoneme Graphemes
/er/ ir, er, ur, ear, or
Other Vowels
Phoneme Graphemes
/oo/ oo, u, oul
/oy/ oi, oy
/ow/ ow, ou, ou_e
/ə/ a, e, i, o, u, y, le

6 Syllable Types

Closed Short vowel sound. Vowel is closed in by one or more consonants /r//e//d/
r e d
Open Long vowel sound. Vowel is at the end of a syllable /h//ā//l//ō/
h a l o
Magic E (VCE) E is silent. Long vowel sound /g//ā//m/
g a m e
Vowel team / Diphthong 2 or more vowels that make one long, short or diphthong sound /r//ē//d/
r ea d
R controlled Vowel Any vowel followed by an R /k//ar//r//t/
c a r t
Consonant + LE Used at the end of words. E is silent /a//p//ə//l/
a pp l e
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