识写字 听写 Practice

Notes for Parent/Tutor

Word lists 识写字 are from the MOE Primary School Chinese and Higher Chinese Syllabus. For Kindergarten students, an option is available to input a custom word list.

There are 2 companion 识读字 (Hanyu Pinyin) Practice and Hanyu Pinyin reader and pronunciation checker with level and lesson relevant practice sentences and short stories.

Stroke Order (笔顺)
Stroke Order (笔顺) is a P1-3 objective to help build a strong foundation in Written Chinese. There are 7 stroke order (笔顺) rules

Radical (偏旁部首)
The radical of the Chinese character is shown in blue. Radicals break words into parts. It helps reduce cognitive loads in learning.

Number of words not attempted at a level.

Pencil and paper test
Test child on pencil and paper after completing Spelling Assessment (听写). Practice further if required by revising at the appropriate levels.

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