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l g k h j q x
r z c s y w
a e i o u ü

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识读字 Hanyu Pinyin Practice

Notes for Parent/Tutor

Word lists are from the MOE Primary School Chinese and Higher Chinese Syllabus. Words in red on the Hanyu Pinyin chart are the 识读字 from the lesson. The words in black are the possible combinations of the 声母 initials and 韵母 finals used in the lesson. Click on the word to hear the different tones.

There are 2 companion 识写字 (听写) Practice and Hanyu Pinyin reader and pronunciation checker with level and lesson relevant practice sentences and short stories.

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Test child with pencil and paper after completing test. Practice further if required. You can repeat the different levels.

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Hanyu Pinyin

Pinyin is the romanization system for Standard Mandarin Chinese, which uses the Latin alphabet to represent the pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese characters.

Pinyin consists of three components:

  1. 声母 Initials: the initial sound of a syllable. In Pinyin, there are 21 initial sounds represented by letters such as b, p, m, f, etc.
  2. 韵母 Finals: the final sound of a syllable, which includes the vowel sound and any consonants that follow it. They are represented by combinations of letters such as -i, -an, -iang, etc.
  3. Tones: Mandarin Chinese has 4 tones, which give different meanings to the same syllable. Pinyin represents the 4 tones using accent marks on the vowels. For example, the word "ma" can have 4 different meanings depending on the tone: mā (mother), má (hemp), mǎ (horse), mà (scold).

Together, initials, finals, and tones make up the pronunciation of a syllable in Mandarin Chinese.

声母 Initials (23)

b p m f d t n l
g k h j q x zh ch
sh r z c s y w

韵母 Finals (24)

a o e i u ü ai ei
ui ao ou iu ie üe er an
en in un ün ang eng ing ong

Other Finals (11)

ia iao ian iang iong
ua uo uai uan uang